Fort Amherst
Fort Amherst  
Location: Fort Amherst, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4UB  
Price: £35.00 
Event time: 2000hrs until 0345hrs 
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Event Description 
This event is not currently available.
Fort Amherst in Kent, England, was constructed in 1756 at the southern end of the Brompton lines of defence to protect the south eastern approaches to Chatham Dockyard and the River Medway against a French invasion. 
During the Napoleonic Wars the Chatham defences were enlarged and strengthened considerably. 
A maze of tunnels dug into the chalk cliffs were used to move ammunition around the Fort and some of these tunnels are over 750m in length and depths of up to 20m. 
There are many dark rooms and the corridors have an eerie feel to them which we can only say "sets the scene" for this very haunted location. 
This location is one of SpookSavers favourite locations due to its paranormal activity, it even has the sceptics questioning "do ghosts really exist?" Even the most experienced ghost hunter feels very nervous. 
Along the corridors and various rooms within the Fort dark shadows have been seen lurking around: one of these include the Monk who is not shy to make his presence known. 
Voices have been heard from dark corners of the many rooms and words spoken have not been very welcoming! 
It has also been known for stones and objects to be thrown across the room: one guest even saw a typewriter being used, the keys moving when there was nobody in that part of the room. 
What is included in your event 
A brief `welcome` to all our guests from the SpookSavers team. 
A medium workshop and a full demonstration of all our equipment that we use (EVP`s,EMF meters and thermometers just to name a few). 
Vigils throughout the night with different members of the team and our medium. 
Free refreshments and snacks will be served throughout the night. 
A de-brief session at the end of the evening so we can share our experiences. 
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