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Ghost hunting events in some of the UK’s scariest locations such as the Ragged School Museum in London & Sinai House Extreme Ghost hunt! 
If you would like more information on ghost hunts at the Ragged School Museum, Psychic and Medium events or ghost hunting events throughout London, Kent, Essex and the UK, please call 020 3612 2086.  
We are a friendly company of experienced ghost hunters and paranormal investigators who visit haunted locations across London, Kent, Essex and the UK to bring you the best ghost hunting events and experiences possible.  
We capture and engage clients into the world of the paranormal whilst having a fun and affordable night out and have carried out a number of ghost hunts and ghost hunting events in many of the UK’s most haunted locations such as the Ragged school museum in London. 
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Ordsall Ghost Hunt with Barrie John
Landguard Fortress Ghost Hunt with SpookSavers
Landguard Fortress Ghost Hunt  
13th September 2014. 
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Richard Felix with SpookSavers
On the 3rd October 2014 will you be brave enough to enter an abandoned hospital known as The Seaman`s Orphanage? Inside you will get the chance to explore the hospital, this will include the wards, mortuary (complete with fridges) and if you are brave enough lone vigils in the punishments cells. 
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Littledean Jail Ghost Hunt
SpookSavers are proud to sponsor `Becoming Psychic Radio Show with Sami B and Celebrity Psychic Medium Grant Colyer . Every third Thursday the team of SpookSavers will be in the studio to discuss your photos, strange experiences and talk about up and coming events! 
Listen LIVE every Thursday on Channel Radio live on air from 7pm until 10.30pm, 
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Have you subscribed to us on YouTube? you can find us under SpookSavers, here you will be kept up to date with all of the latest footage form our events. Have you seen the video of what we think is an apparition? 
Above is a video that was captured at the Canewdon Village Halloween Ghost Hunt back in 2012. The venue was active all night and gave us alot to think about! 

A selection of interesting photos taken from Woodchester Mansion  

Strange blue mist at Woodchester Mansion
Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunting Experience with SpookSavers
Grant Colyer in the basement at Woodchester Mansion
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